How to prepare Your Home for a Professional Painting Job

You’ve made the decision to have your home’s inside painted. That was a fantastic decision! It not only looks wonderful, but it also feels good to have a newly painted home. You may be asking what, if any, work has to be done on your end before engaging an inside house painting contractor now that you’ve decided to engage professional interior house painting services. 

To make your interior house painting project go as smoothly as possible, we’ve put together a list of eight ways to prepare for a professional interior paint job that will make your interior house painters san diego job easier and assure a joyful, satisfied outcome for you and your family. 

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  • Art and Wall Décor

Remove all decor and art off your walls and place them in a safe place outside the work area before your interior home painting professional arrives. In most circumstances, your interior house painter will skip removing items from your walls before beginning the painting project. Before hiring a professional house painter, assume that this will be your responsibility.  

  • Ornaments and knickknacks 

Move knick-knacks, collectibles, and decorative ornaments out of the way to avoid having them break. Simply covering them with a cloth or paper will not prevent them from being damaged. Put them in a box and keep them somewhere secure until the painting is finished. 

  • Obstacles such as furniture and other objects 

Move all furniture and impediments away from the walls to make the painting task easier and faster for your interior house painting services company. If at all possible, store as much of your belongings as possible so that the home painter does not have to waste time moving and/or working around your furniture. 

  • Valuables 

Curtains and throw rugs are high-priced accessories. Make sure they’re out of the way of your windows and flooring so they don’t get ruined by paint splashes. It will be pricey to replace them because they are still hanging on the wall or covering the floor area unless they are addressed prior to the paint work. 

  • Make the Walls Ready 

You may be responsible for cleaning and preparing your walls for painting, depending on your contractor. Some interior contractors in the Lawrence and Lenexa, Kansas area may offer wall preparation as an add-on service, so talk to yours about what you’ll need to do on your end. This applies to any problem regions, such as wood rot, rust, or pests. Before the painting can begin, these difficulties must be resolved. 

Removing outlet covers and switch plates will also assist your painter complete the job quickly so you can return to your daily routine. You should also consider removing any nails or screws from your walls before the interior house painter arrives. The more you can do to assist, the more quickly and efficiently your house painting project will be finished. 

To ensure that the walls are totally dry before the professional painters arrive, you should wipe down the walls at least one day ahead of time. 

  • Cleaning, Cleaning, Cleaning 

It is always a good idea to undertake a thorough cleaning job for each room you intend to have painted before contacting a professional inside house painter. This will ensure that any dust or dirt in the room does not end up on your freshly painted walls before they have had a chance to cure. It also makes it easy for you to restore all of the belongings to the room once the paint job is over, since you won’t have to spend time cleaning first. 

It’s best if you leave it to the professionals. 

It’s a good idea to have the work areas cleared out before the painting begins. Pets, children, and adults should be kept away from the work area to guarantee a rapid, quality paint job that gets you back into your home as soon as possible. Allowing the painter to work around those who will be in the way will result in a lengthy painting project. 

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