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Painting My House For a Better Sale Price – Colors to Consider

We recently discussed how repainting a house can help you increase the selling price of your home. It’s not a capital investment that increases the value of said asset, but it’s the aesthetical improvement that does that. Quality painting in San Diego is enough to help you improve the price.

Some suggest that remodeling your home or installing new floorboards is a great way to increase the selling price. Hoewever, according to our sources, making structural or any other major alterations in your house before a sale might actually turn buyers off.

Beauty lies in the details – and so does the secret to increasing your house’s price before a sale.

One of the most intricate details that you should keep in mind when trying to sell your house is the paint of your house. From the type of paint used all the way to its color, everything has the potential to decrease or increase the selling price of your home.

Exterior and interior painting in San Diego is more like an investment on your part and can increase the price of your house from $6,000 to $10,000, depending on how well the paint-job is. Here, we will discuss some of the considerations to make when painting your house for a better sale price.

Let’s Start With Interior Painters in San Diego

The reason why most quality painters in San Diego, Carlsbad, La Jolla, Del Mar, and other areas start with the interior is because the fresher the external paint is, the more attractive your house looks.

Every interior designer will tell you that in order to increase the selling price of your house, you need to neutralize your houses. This means that you need to give buyers a clean slate to paint as they want. Sure, you painted your little girls’ room bright because they love it, but what if the buyer doesn’t have any children? The bright room will be nothing more than a liability for them in that case.

Try to remove any themes you incorporated in your home when trying to sell. White helps neutralize your home, but there are a few more colors that you can paint your house too. Just remember not to go overboard with them.

According to realtor magazine, grey is a great color for houses with large lawns in front of them or those that are on the sunny side of the US. However, some are suggesting that in 2020, this is falling out of fashion. Having said that, it still remains one of the most popular colors in Carlsbad, La Jolla, and San Diego.

What follows right after grey are white and beige colors for interior painting in San Diego and Del Mar. Both these colors are great neutralizers, for homes and offices alike.

If you must paint your house a different color to stand out, we recommend using light, unassuming colors. These include light blue, grey-blue, or periwinkle which emanate calmness and serenity. These colors are perfect for rooms for adults and children alike when trying to sell your home.

As for living rooms, a light brown or taupe shade on walls is gaining popularity as 2021 rolls in. For kitchens, a tuxedo theme has remained an all time favorite for US and UK citizens for quite a while. This includes black countertops, utensils, and fixtures with a black and white-design backsplash and white walls.

An inverse of that is also in fashion, i.e., white fixtures, backsplash, and countertops with black walls. However, this design means that heat is going to get absorbed by the walls, thus making working in the kitchen a nightmare. Our professional interior painters in San Diego only recommend the latter color scheme if you’re really passionate about it.

Avoid dark red, pink, yellow, and other prime colors.

The Best Exterior Paint Colors

The first thing buyers see is the exterior. Your curb appeal is what draws people near, so while important to make it a priority, painting it after or along with the interior is a much better idea. Exterior paints are usually more expensive than interior paints because of factors like weather-proofing, gloss, durability, and more.

Buyers, when looking for a house, express the most interest in houses that are in “move-in condition,” so it’s not usually a good idea to have them paint their new house on their own. While for the interior you need to stick with neutral colors, you have a relatively larger color pallet at your disposal when it comes to the exterior.

It is important to mention here that for the exterior, no color is really ‘out of bounds’ per se. You can paint it whatever color you fancy; but you need to ensure that the color you choose is in line with your neighborhood, isn’t too fancy, or isn’t one that only a few would prefer.

Vibrant colors help you stand out and may very well be a good idea for many, but if your neighborhood is generally muted, these colors will make you stand out in a bad way. The same is applicable for crowded neighborhoods.

In such cases, neutral colors and quality painting skills in San Diego are what pay. According to Zillow, in crowded or muted neighborhoods, the best colors for your house’s exterior are brown, off-white, white, grey, muted blue, taupe, and beige.

For the patio, curb, main gate, and the front door, the best colors are charcoal or jet-black.

For neighborhoods where houses are spaced out, there is no color that will seem out of place. If you manage to choose a color that looks bad, we’d wager that you were setting out to do so.

There are several other considerations to make as well, but they are specific to your house and neighborhood. If you’re looking to sell your house, we recommend that you give our expert painters in San Diego, and interior designers, a chance to look at and determine the best color to increase sales.

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