DO’s and DON’Ts of Painting Your House in San Diego

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Painting your house or any other space is exciting in and of itself. You’ll get the curb appeal without spending too much time and money – all it takes is a fresh coat of paint! That said, picking the right colors and themes according to your expectations and budget should be your top priority. If you want to transform your house or room from drab and old to fresh, you need the best painting contractors in San Diego.


Upgrade Your Home with the Best San Diego Painters

Budget-wise, painting is a cost-effective solution to increase any space’s overall value, condition and appearance, exterior or interior. You don’t need to purchase expensive furniture or electronics to get the look you desire. All it takes is a fresh coat of paint, expertly applied. And this is where we, The Painters of San Diego, come in with our quality services that make painting your house, room, apartment, or living space a great experience!

So if you are looking for the most reliable and top-rated residential Painting contractors in San Diego to get your commercial or even non-commercial living spaces transformed in a day, call our phone number.


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We are serving our clients in San Diego for over 11 years. We are San Diego’s go-to painting contractors when it comes to all sorts of painting jobs. Whether you need to change your overall building exterior’s looks or simply desire to turn your room into something that matches your personality, call us for a free estimate. We are your preferred San Diego, CA Painting Company – the best choice for homeowner and business owners for over 11 years.

And because of our long local exposure, our team had already mastered the best ways to enhance the overall look of any space. We understand every painting need and the expectations of our homeowners in San Diego, CA.


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Since we are also locals, there are no other painting contractors in San Diego, CA who understand the local weather, moisture, and country vibe as much as we do. When it comes to painting and surface beautification needs, know what works and what will best fit you.


Customized Painting Services in San Diego

We’ll listen to you and implement according to your needs and desires. You know your house, building, or workspace best. We’re here to turn your decoration dreams into reality. Call us or visit our website for all your paint job needs in San Diego, CA.


Helpful Considerations Before Painting Your Space

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Before everything else, you must first choose appropriate colors for your space. It is natural that if you are willing to get your room painted, you expect it to look better and newer. So need to choose your overall color scheme for the paint job according to your personality and preference. 

We need to be wiser while choosing amongst the various colors. We at Stubbins painting San Diego county give primary importance to the client’s expectations and needs. We consider our client’s desires above everything else. 

To help you choose the best color to fit your space, consider the following:

  • Create a paint color scheme that matches your house and room’s overall furniture colors. Try to be creative and pick colors that complement your furniture instead of seeking colors match are identical to your fixtures. 
  • Choose three color schemes and put them together side by side. You may not be able to come up with the perfect color shades at first. Don’t worry; as the best painters in San Diego, CA, we will help you find the perfect color combination for your space. 
  • Choose the fourth color that will accent and highlight the other three primary color schemes. The main thing to remember is to match the color with the feel and vibe you want your room to have. If you want your room to be lively, use bright colors. And if you want that cozy vibe, you may use earthy tones and subdued colors for your walls painting needs.

We are a top-notch Painting contractor in San Diego, CA, and our quality work speaks to our services. Call us customer service and our San Diego painting crew will be at your house door, ready to help you.

Ensure quality

It is always advisable that you do not compromise with the quality when you buy paints for your home. Serving San Diego with our painting services for 11 years, we can say that- Good quality painting supplies give an excellent finishing to the surfaces.

Quality paints also last longer. Ensuring quality services is one of the proud factors in our work process. So when you hire us for your painting projects, you can always sit back and relax.

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Once you have decided to get your interiors or exteriors painted, it’s time to do some research. You can ask for references from each painting company. Check also their customer feedbacks from various websites. 

You may also follow up with their customers, such as your local neighbors, to see if the customer reviews are legitimate.

The more information you know about the companies, the better. It would be even better if you explore the internet for the best Painters in San Diego. If you wish to have San Diego’s top-rated painting contractor work on your project, call us.

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 Tools and Techniques

Using the right tools for painting is as important as choosing the right colors. Wait! But what tools are we talking about here?

Brushes and rollers, painters’ tape, drop cloths, and tools for wall repairs: these are the tools every professional painter needs. They are all critical, so you must see that your painting contractor in San Diego uses only the best quality painting tools for the job.

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Whether you want your house to appear more pleasing or looking to upgrade an old look to a modern one, your painting contractor must use only professional-quality tools to ensure the best outcome. 

At Stubbins Painting Services San Diego, we have the tools, skills, and expertise to ensure good quality services. 

All projects have their significance to us, and this is how we have been doing all sorts of San Diego painting projects for a long time. We state them as must-have essentials for painting simply to acknowledge you with the significance of all sundry details of the process.

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Not Considering the Weather

Life is a learning experience, and our learning always continues its way with every new San Diego painting project. You see, paint doesn’t handle extreme temperatures very well. Your painting contractor must consider in detail San Diego’s varying weather. Likewise, some areas in San Diego, CA, such as the oceanside, have a unique humidity and moisture level all year round. 

High levels of humidity will slow down the drying time for water-based paints, especially for exterior painting. So if we are to begin a painting project, we always make sure that we are mindful of the weather. This is part of our research as experts before painting your home or property.

Safety First

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Ensuring safety doesn’t simply mean we are on the safer side, but safety should be for everyone!  

We at Stubbins Painting Services San Diego keep safety our priority. For instance, falling from heights is a leading cause of unintentional injuries. We also take into consideration the safety of people in your home, particularly children and the elderly. Our project manager will see to it that your home is safe with every painting project.


Choose the right paint sheen.

The sheen of the paint, or simply the gloss level of color, is something you will have to consider at the beginning of any painting process.

So, to ensure flawless paint performance, it is essential to select the right sheen for the painting project. High-gloss paint is best suited to maintain the elegance of the surfaces, as in stylish rooms. There are also some uses for matte colors. Matte finishes remove glare and prevent eye discomfort.

Primer Time

Yes, there are paint-with-primer products that can save time. But chances are you will still need to apply more than one coat for an even finish. 

Painters also should keep in their knowledge that if the old paint is satin or high-gloss, only another satin or high-gloss paint will cover it (unless you sand the previous finish first to improve adhesion). Priming first provides a fresh, clean surface and is the only way to promise pleasing results.

Ignoring Specific Needs of the Surfaces

For example, If the wall has wallpaper on it, we need to remove it properly with the help of certain tools and any paste or glue residue must be cleaned off. Any flaking paint will need to be scraped off. If the premises are too old, chances are that the paint may contain lead. There are kits available to test for this; if there is lead-based paint, one needs to take precautionary measures before disturbing the paint to avoid contamination and health issues. However, it is always advisable to hire professional painters in San Diego in dealing with lead-based paint.


Hope this was helpful to all you people finding the right management to accomplish your painting task. If you are seeking an easy guide on Painting your commercial painting, check out our blogs here- www.stubbinspaintingsandiego.com.

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