How To Prepare Your House For Interior Painting in San Diego

Interior painting can be a lot of fun. Nothing quite compares to adding a new color to a room or revitalizing a wall with a fresh coat of paint. However, the prospect of doing the interior painting in San Diego yourself often feels overwhelming for first-timers. Many people do not know what to do. If you worry about the final job outcome or having valuable your personal belongings stained by paint, call us at Stubbins Painting San Diego!Interior Painting in San Diego

We, at Stubbins Painting San Diego, are here to assist you.

Our experts have compiled a list of things you can do to prepare your home for interior painting or commercial painting in San Diego. Bookmark this page for reference, whether you want to paint it yourself or hire us. If you decide to paint your home yourself, utilize our blog post, 5 Tips When Painting A Wall.


Clearing The Room To Be Painted

In order to begin interior painting in San Diego, you must first determine which rooms need to be painted. Having a list of rooms to be painted first is all you will need if you’re doing a whole-house project. It is not uncommon for your San Diego painter to move furniture between rooms on different days to keep everything out of the way.

Start by identifying all small items that can be easily removed from the room before your painting contractor takes over. Electronics, small appliances, toys, etc., should be moved elsewhere and stored until the paint job is completed. The items in the room that are stored in enclosed areas (clothes, dishes), such as cabinets or closets, should be returned to those locations. If you have cabinet repainting needs, we offer this service at Stubbins Painting San Diego!

The next step is to determine if any of the oversized items in the room can be removed before the scheduled painting services. The majority of these items are large furniture or storage-related items, such as couches, tables, armoires, recliners, and large shelves.

Historically, many people have rented a temporary storage unit while re-painting their homes. It can be convenient, but it is not necessary. The San Diego house painters will simply move large items to the center of the room and cover them with plastic to prevent paint splatters.

It should also be noted that we will mention the use of plastic and painter’s tape. This particular part of the project generally falls into the professional interior painters’ domain.

professional interior painters' domain


It is best to remove all decorations and items from your house walls before you have your painting services. There will be picture frames, tapestries, removable shelving, curtains/blinds, curtain rods, and covers for light switches and outlets.

You can leave the nails and screws used to mount shelves and hang pictures inside the wall so that you don’t lose track of the holes! Painting over a small hole can make it nearly impossible to see, which will result in you having to remeasure and relevel your pictures and shelving. You can leave the curtain rod mounting brackets in place and cover them with plastic or tape.

Removing the outlets and light switch covers is the last step in preparing your walls for painting. You should only do this if you are comfortable with it. We advise against performing this step if you have small children in the room, as there is a risk of electrical shock if a child reaches into the electrical box after the cover is removed. Please skip this step if you are uncomfortable or you don’t have any experience. Call Stubbins Painters San Diego instead, so our crew can take over.

After you have removed everything from your walls, you can begin taping. If you are unsure about how to do this and have a professional San Diego house painter coming, you can simply wait for them to do this. However, we will explain the basics in the next section, should you decide to do this yourself. Done correctly, this will save your San Diego house painter some time.


If you are hiring a San Diego house painter or performing the work yourself, there are a few things to keep in mind, such as ceiling lights, fans, and vents.

A standard ceiling light fixture can have its bulbs removed, then be covered with plastic. Store your light bulbs in a place where they cannot be stepped on or broken. For recessed fixtures, you can pull the casing out and tape it and cover it so that paint won’t get on it.

Remove the blades, store them, and cover the fixture with plastic to protect your ceiling fans. You can skip this step if you are unsure how to do it. A professional San Diego interior painter can do this for you.

If you decide to paint your ceiling yourself, we are happy to share our Painting Tips for Ceilings. Call Stubbins San Diego Painting crew, or your trusted San Diego painting company if you are unsure about how to proceed with the work or if you are pressed for time.


When preparing a space for a painting project, the floor often goes unnoticed. At Stubbins San Diego painting contractor and company, we see to it that we take care of your floor as well as the ceiling and walls.

Drop cloths or plastic will be used by your professional painter to protect your floor from falling paint. You can help by removing all rugs and other decorative items from the floor before painting San Diego job.


Protecting Surfaces with Painter’s Tape

Generally, this step will be handled by a professional San Diego, CA painter if you plan on hiring one. Nevertheless, we at Stubbins Painting Contractor San Diego will cover some basic tips on these services

Ensure You Have The Proper Tape

There are several types of painting tape for various painting services, believe it or not. The different types of painter’s tape are designed for exterior painting, house painters, or job site use. So it isn’t always sufficient to just go to the hardware store and find painter’s tape, then begin taping. Some tapes are better suited to wooden or metal surfaces, for example. Other wallpapers are designed specifically for wallpaper. Message us at Stubbins Painting San Diego if you are unsure about the right type of tape to buy.

Identify The Areas You Need to Protect

When performing quality interior painting in San Diego, your objective is to protect anything that could not be removed but also should not be painted. Examples include floor and window trim, door frames, electrical covers, cabinets, etc.

Tape should also be applied to nearby surfaces that you don’t intend to paint. As an example, if you are painting a wall, you should protect the ceiling near the top of the wall. Similarly, if you are painting the roof, you should tape the top of the wall.

Clean The Areas To Be Taped

If the area has not been adequately cleaned, the painter’s tape will not adhere. Following application, it will slowly peel off. As such, you should first wipe surfaces down with a damp cloth to remove dirt and dust, and then allow them sufficient time to dry by air.

Apply The Tape

Any good San Diego house painter will tell you that the proper application of the tape is way critical. Always make sure that you press but not stretch the painter’s tape while applying it whether for exterior painting or for residential painting projects.

The tape should overlap the lower piece of tape if the surface is too large for the width of the tape. With tape, you can cover larger surfaces like electric panels and wall or ceiling fixtures with paper or plastic. If you want to confirm with your painting contractor whether you are applying the tape right, visit our website. Call Stubbins San Diego painting team, your trusted experts among San Diego, CA painting companies for detail and instructions.


Get A Professional Painting Company In San Diego, CA

As you can see, painting can be a time-consuming and challenging task for those who do not regularly paint. Assembling all of the tools and materials, setting up, and then making sure that your home paint job is quality upon completion can be quite stressful. This is why so many people tend to look to professional painters team services for help.

If you want to save yourself the headache and want a clean, professional look at your interior paint, feel free to message or contact us at Stubbins Painting San Diego, CA services! Since 2001, we have been providing top-quality results for both residential and commercial business in the San Diego area. So sit back and relax, knowing our professional interior painters will get the job done right.


Need help with exterior painting? Feel free to contact us or visit our website at Stubbins Painting San Diego!

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