8 Questions YOU MUST Ask Before Hiring Painting Companies in San Diego

house painters, san diego painters, local paintersPainting is an essential part of any home, but it’s not always easy to find the best painting companies in San Diego to do the job.

Taking a few moments to read the following questions you should ask could save you both money and frustration by avoiding a bad contracting experience. The fact is, painters, range in quality of service they provide; there are many inexperienced, unlicensed people or companies that masquerade as professional painters just so they can charge higher rates than necessary–this leads homeowners into hiring them for their own detriment! This article will help guide you through seven questions that may seem simple but ultimately lead one down an informative path when seeking out a painting contractor in San Diego that will do an amazing job – these 7 important tips include:


1. Start with asking for a free estimate!

When you’re looking for a painting company in San Diego, make sure that they offer a free estimate and not just the price upfront without seeing the job. If they don’t, then it’s best that you start elsewhere. Don’t be fooled by painters who promise great work at low cost because their profit margin is so high (and believe us we’ve seen this, and been there to fix the work ). Most painting contractors in the San Diego area will offer you a free estimate. Whether it’s a virtual or in-home estimate, make sure the estimator has seen the work that you need doing before they provide an estimate. Honestly; if you have the choice between a virtual and in-home estimate we recommend choosing the in-home option. Sometimes you just can’t beat the value of a face-to-face estimate; it’s amazing what someone will do when they build a real rapport with a customer which is much easier to build in person. In-person will also give you a better idea of the professionalism of the painting company and give you the best opportunity to ask the following questions while reading the body language of the responses.

2. Ask who will manage the project, what is the painting contractors’ project management process?

Good project management is crucial to ensure success and lead to a fantastic job in the end. It includes a professional proposal that lists all specifications for the services you have agreed on and can guide the crew during their work, as well as an executed system where each phase of the job has set up procedures such as surface preparation or paint application before applying it lastly with clean-up afterward. All changes must be communicated in writing by both parties so they may be signed off upon completion. If there are any additions or deletions made during this process ensure that they need approval from yourself and the project manager before the work commences.


3. Ask if the company is licensed and insured?

When you’re looking for a contractor, make sure they have the right licensing. A license from your state’s government will show that this company is legitimate and reputable – not just any old person with a paintbrush in their toolkit!

Painting contractors should have two types of insurance to protect their property from damage. Comprehensive Business Liability, which will cover you as a consumer in case anything goes wrong with the work done on your home or business; and Workers Compensation Insurance for when they are working near other people who may get injured while doing their job.

4. Ask how long the company has been in business?

A company’s longevity is one of the most important factors to consider when hiring a painter in San Diego. Ask how long has this business been around and what type of services does it offer, are they a full-service painting company? The more experience they have with customer satisfaction, better quality workmanship on their product or service offerings – are all signs that point towards a high-quality painting job being achieved!


5. Ask who will complete the work? Will your own employees complete the work or will it be subcontracted out?

When you are looking for a painter, be sure to find one who does the whole job themselves. Painters that complete their work internally will have better customer service because every painter knows what his/her team is supposed to accomplish on-site which means better communication between them as well as higher quality results – saving time. Subcontractors can sometimes have their own different skill levels or work ethics which could make things more difficult if you aren’t aware of what these people may do when completing a job – that’s why we always recommend using an in-house painter!

It is important to always be aware of the quality of services being offered when you’re hiring a painter. When companies contract out work, it becomes difficult for them to monitor every step in order to ensure customer satisfaction and protection from any possible mistakes made during painting processes like improper preparation or errors with color selection if something does go wrong without proper oversight by someone who knows what they are doing! If you hire a painting company in San Diego that does this it can lead to lowering the quality of services offered which could translate into bad customer experiences if anything goes wrong!

6. Ask – How do you prep your surfaces?

Excellent painting begins with surface preparation. This is an area where even the best companies can have room for improvement, as it’s important that you receive quality work from start to finish! A professional house painter should know how many coats of paint they will apply and what type would be appropriate in your situation.

The key thing when hiring someone new: check their credentials before deciding whether or not this individual has experience doing business locally versus outside our state; check the companies reviews online including Google My Business reviews and Yelp reviews, also ask about previous jobs completed by them at different places within your proximity.

7. Ask – Do you offer a guarantee?

A quality painting company is proud of its work and stands behind the quality with a solid guarantee. They are willing to go that extra mile for you – which means they offer more than just paint!

You will that that a good home painter will stand by his or her services through any unexpected problems in order life throws at them; this includes situations like where some colors pop too vividly on one side when initially applied (which can happen) as well as ensuring all surfaces receive enough coats so dry times aren’t impacted. A solid commitment towards satisfying customers’ needs comes first here because these individuals care deeply about giving people what they want: High-end finishes without sacrificing quality.

8. Ask – How long is your warranty, what does it cover?

You will find there are some companies who offer unrealistic lifetime warranties like 10 years which won’t go anywhere near as far if their company folds before then; sadly this is not uncommon among painting companies in San Diego today with so many going under within just five years after incorporation. This is what to look for in a great warranty:

  • A one-year or two-year guarantee with work covered by the policy if done right.  Most paint failures show up within 1st year anyway so you will be covered.
  • Paint manufacturers may provide longer warranties on their products, but these only cover replacement of the material. Most will have exclusions so it is important to find out exactly which ones before buying!
  • Warranties should always be in writing and available for your review.

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Painting is often one of the most important things in a home. But with so many contractors around, it can be hard to know who you are getting tricked by and why their work might not hold up as well over time – especially if they’re just trying to get your wallet open without providing a free estimate and great customer service! It’s important, though, to do your research before committing yourself to hire a painting company for your next project! No matter which way it goes – if all 7 questions are satisfactorily answered then there shouldn’t be any worries about whether they’re great at what they do–but make sure by asking these things first just in case anything goes wrong later down the line.
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