Choosing Paint Like a Pro

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The types of house paint that residents choose during the building or renovation process can make a major impact on the appearance and ambiance of a home. That’s why the guidance of painting contractors in San Diego is valuable to homeowners.

Stubbins Painting is ready to share tips on how to choose the right paint that will highlight the spaces of California homes.

How To Choose the Right Type of House Paint

Keep reading to learn how you can select suitable interior paint for San Diego houses, apartments, or condominiums.

Be Inspired by the Color Wheel

Use a color wheel to find inspiration for new color scheme ideas for your home. You can use this affordable little tool to view the effect of matching or complementary shades on each other. It can also make it convenient for you to buy paint because it will enable you to quickly pinpoint the colors you are interested in purchasing.

Be Guided by Natural Lighting

Keep the direction and intensity of natural lighting in mind when you are choosing paint for your home. Observe how the lighting interacts with the structure and shades of the room.

If a fair amount of sunlight streams into the room, pick colors with the exact shade you wish to showcase. If the room is not well-lit naturally, it might be better to find lighter shades of paint that will stand out even in dim lighting.

Consider the 60-30-10 Rule

Avoid overpowering the rooms in your house with a single color with the help of the 60-30-10 Rule. The primary color must be dominant at 60%, which should come from the paint on the walls.

The secondary color should make up 30% through the upholstery, while the accent color should be limited to 10% via the accessories. This design principle will make it possible for you to balance out the colors in your interior spaces.

Go For a Darker or Lighter Shade

Don’t immediately give up if the paint color you originally like doesn’t work as well as you expected. You may simply need to try a darker or lighter shade of your preferred color. One option that you have is to buy other existing shades of the color. Another alternative is to request the paint merchant to personalize the paint so you can achieve the exact shade that you want.

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Create a Sense of Space

You cannot change the actual measurements of a room simply by painting it. However, you can create an illusion of space based on the colors of paint that you use.

Going for bright, clear colors can make a room appear more broad and spacious than it really is since the paint will reflect a greater amount of natural light. On the other hand, using darker, richer shades of paint can make a room look more cozy and intimate.

Coordinate the Colors

It’s alright to use assorted color schemes for the different rooms in your home for the sake of variety. Nevertheless, keep in mind that the colors should still have some form of unity and relation to one another. Coordinate the color schemes in your home by using complementary shades. This will allow the vibe of your home to flow smoothly from one room to another.

Consider the Undertones

You may feel satisfied after you pinpoint the paint color that catches your fancy. However, you need to remember that the undertones will also have a significant effect on the actual color of the paint on the walls of your home.

Undertones refer to the shades that are found beneath the main color of the paint. They can transform the final effect of the paint. The most practical way for you to discover what the undertones look like is to sample the paint in your home before you proceed with the full paint job.

Find Inspiration in Existing Colors

Unless you are building and furnishing a house from scratch, there is a good chance that there are already existing colors in your home. You can use the artwork, furniture, home accessories, and floor patterns as the base for your paint color schemes. This is a cost-effective idea because it starts with what you already own. As a result, you don’t need to replace your existing furnishing and décor just because you are having your house repainted.

Download a Paint Color App

Modern technology makes it easier for you to create color palettes digitally. Download a paint color app to your smartphone or tablet.

These apps usually offer handy features like color matching, paint buying tips, and DIY tutorials. The programs may also enable you to share your paint color ideas with your family and friends. Some apps are free, while others may require payment.

Express Your Personal Sense of Style

Beauty is subjective. While there are style guidelines that can help you spruce up your house, you also have the freedom to pick and use paint colors to express yourself and your view of the world. At the end of the day, the paint that looks good to you is the perfect choice.

Contact Stubbins Painting To Hire Painting Contractors in San Diego

There is a wide range of factors that you need to consider when selecting the colors of interior paint for San Diego homes.

Stubbins can guide you as you conceptualize your color scheme and choose the paint colors that will maximize your interior spaces in your house, condominium, or apartment. More importantly, we can bring your vision of colors to life through our superior painting services.

Our company showcases a combination of high-quality paint and expert painters, which is why we consistently produce impressive results. We are the ideal choice for homeowners in California who are on the lookout for painting contractors in San Diego.

Call us at (858) 926-4076 to book an appointment with our professional team. Send us a message at our Stubbins website to request a free quote for your home painting project.






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