Types of house paints

Types of House Paint

It all began with crude paint, when cave dwellers would use blood or plant extract to decorate their caves or rocks. It was only after the industrial revolution that modern form of paint found roots. Quality painting in San Diego is derived from those roots, but today, more and more paint types are finding their way into paint stores in San Diego.

For interior painters in San Diego, painting is becoming more and more confusing because of this. It’s not the painters that find themselves wondering which paint to use, but the customers. To help in that regard, we’re turning our attention to some of the different types of house paint in this article.

Different Types of House Paint in San Diego Paint Stores

Oil-Based Paints

Also known as solvent-based paints, this paint is great if you need durability and reliability – along with being somewhat reasonable. This is the most common type of paint used in houses. Oil paints are resilient and can help improve your walls’ life.

Water-Based Paints

Water-based paints aren’t resilient and can wash off if used without additives. Even with glue added to the paint, they dry off pretty quickly and therefore give you much faster results. These paints are suitable only for the interior, as any quality painter in San Diego will tell you. Plus, they have virtually no smell, either!

Latex-Based Paints

These may seem similar to water-based paints but that isn’t the case. Instead, latex-based paints make use of chemicals and are therefore more resilient.


Once of the most important paints you’ll ever use are the primers. One coat of a primer is all you need to save gallons of paint when working on any project. The primer itself doesn’t look good but makes for a good base for any other type of painting by sealing the wall’s surface.

Flat Paint

These are affordable paints, but not exactly very vibrant or reflective. Flat paints are often used in places where aesthetics aren’t really a priority or places that won’t be exposed to the weather.

Matte Paint

These are cousins to flat paints, but are slightly glossier. It is important to note that matte and flat aren’t the same. Matte is also more durable, but still not the prettiest option out there.

Eggshell Paint

After matte paint come eggshell paints. These are glossier and relatively more durable. Since they’re affordable, glossier, and durable, eggshell paints are relatively popular and used in living rooms and other rooms.

Satin Paint

Next in line is the satin paint that is a touch glossier. However, the difference isn’t really noticeable. It is widely used for bathroom roofs in African and Asian countries.

Semi-Gloss Paint

You’ll find this paint on patios and other outdoor places where you need a bit of shine. We also use it for bathrooms and kitchens. These paints can withstand moisture pretty well.

Gloss Paint

Gloss paint is considered to be among the more beautiful paint options. For a classy look and feel, we and other painters in San Diego recommend going with Gloss paint. It’s beautiful, durable, affordable, and easy to clean.

There are many other options as well when looking for the perfect paint for your home or office. We recommend you get in touch with us for a free quote and for recommendations of paint and styling from professional exterior and interior painters in San Diego!

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