How to Prepare Your Home for a Professional Interior Painting Job

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If you’re having your interior house painted by a professional interior house painter, there are a few things you should do before painters san diego arrive so they can finish the work and you receive the greatest paint finish possible.  Let’s have a look at what you need to do before the painters arrive. 

  • Remove any items that are hung on the walls. This should be self-evident. It’s not uncommon, though, for a final touch, the painting crew to come and find pictures remaining on the wall. 
  • Remove everything that has to be painted from the walls the day before the painting company is scheduled to arrive. Pictures, paintings, and clocks all fall into this category. Determine whether you are responsible for removing outlet covers, switch plates, and other utilitarian things by speaking with the team. 
  • Everything you take down should be stored in a non-painting area of the house, even if that means the garage. 
  • Knickknacks should be removed. Paint can splatter on surfaces other than the wall. That is why, aside from the walls and ceiling, an interior house painter would cover everything in the room with tarps and canvas. When the painter spreads the canvas over knick knacks on shelves, it is easy for them to be damaged or pushed over. 
  • Before the painter arrives, pack up everything in the room that is freestanding and could be damaged if a tarp is placed over it. Don’t forget about lamps and floor baskets. Remove the boxes from the room and arrange them in the same location where you kept your wall hangings. 
  • Make Room for You: Your interior house painting contractor and his crew will want simple entry and exit from the area to be painted. The easier it is to get to the job, the faster it will be completed. It could also save you money if you are paying by the hour. Walk through your house from where the crew will enter to the area that will be painted. Is there anything that could obstruct them? Perhaps a giant piece of furniture. If at all possible, move the stumbling block out of the way. Pick up the toys of your children or the dog’s bed.

  • Throws, Rugs, and Curtains. The curtains, throws, and rugs in the area being painted must be boxed up and removed, just like the knickknacks. The painters will need to get around any drapes that are blocking the space surrounding your windows and doors. Plus, you don’t want paint particles to splatter on your delicate textiles. 

  • Keep them with the knickknacks and wall hangings. Before you start looking for “interior house painters near me,” think about the state of the walls. It’s critical to replace any rotten trim or doors. Water leaks must be repaired, as well as any drywall or plaster damage caused by the leaks. Any insect or pest infestation that could damage the painted surface must be addressed. If the painters are working with metal surfaces, make sure any rust is removed. The painters should be the last to touch on any damaged areas of your walls. Otherwise, the following crew could ruin or annihilate their hard work. 

    Your painter could ask you to clean the walls a few days before the crew arrives. This ensures that the paint has a good, dry surface to adhere on. Some painters charge an extra cost to clean the walls. 

  • Organize the Space. When it comes to choosing expert interior house painting services, you want to make sure you’re getting the greatest results. Dust and debris can easily blown into the air flow of a room and settle on freshly painted surfaces. Your shiny new paint job becomes a muddy mess as a result of this. The painting is intended to be completed the day prior. Thoroughly clean the room. Clean the walls, ceiling, and floor using a vacuum. Any furniture left in the room during painting should be vacuumed and polished. After you’ve cleaned the room, try not to let anyone else in. 

    Then, during the next 24 hours once the paint has dried completely, try not to track any dirt or debris into the room. Asking ahead of time can guarantee that you are prepared for the personnel when they arrive.

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