How Often Should I Paint The Exterior Of My House?

How do you determine when it’s time to repaint your house’s exterior? There are a few obvious indications to look out for, such as cracking and flaking paint, but there are also some less evident issues that might arise. Because house painting san diego is such a large task, it’s always a good idea to hire experienced painters if at all possible. 


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How often do you need to paint? 

Unfortunately, because each home is unique, there is no fixed schedule for all. There are some general rules you can use, but there are various circumstances that can substantially alter the timing. According to most experts, you should paint every five to 10 years, depending on where you live, the environment and weather, and the last paint job. 

Also, take in mind that each surface will vary slightly. Consider the following scenario: 

  • Wood siding should be replaced every 3-7 years, or every 4 years if stained. 
  • Aluminum siding lasts roughly 5 years on average. 
  • Stucco lasts 5-6 years on average. 
  • New types of materials – these require fewer frequent touch-ups; for example, cement fiberboard siding can last for 10-15 years before requiring repainting. 
  • Brick – if not painted, it only needs to be cleaned once in a while; if painted, it can last for 15-20 years. 


What affects an exterior paint job’s durability? 

A number of things can influence how long your paint lasts. The three most important factors are how your home was originally painted, the temperature and weather, and how it has been maintained throughout time. Let’s look at how each of these factors influences how often you should repaint. 

Prior paint work  

If you’ve recently purchased a home, you may not be aware of when it was last painted. It’s a good idea to try to find out, because knowing everything there is to know about the paint job can make a great impact. 

Damage caused by the elements 

The weather on the day of your last paint job, as well as where you live, can have a huge impact on how long your paint job lasts. If you live somewhere with hot summers and your house isn’t well-protected by trees, for example, direct sunshine may cause the paint to bubble and fade more quickly. Alternatively, if you reside in an area with harsh winters, intense storms, or high humidity, your paint job will age more quickly. 


Exterior house maintenance paint chips from home exterior  

It’s all about proactive maintenance and recognising issues before they get too serious. Examine your home on a regular basis for signs of wear and tear. Moisture, rot, chalkiness, insect or rodent infestation, and mould are all things to look out for. If you notice any of these, take care of them straight once to extend the life of your paint job. Furthermore, general care will ensure that your paint remains in good condition over time. This entails washing dirt and moss off your home’s surface on a regular basis before it begins to eat away at the paint. 


How to prepare your home for a long-lasting paint job 

When you’re ready to repaint your exterior, there are a few things you should do to ensure that your new paint job lasts as long as possible. It all begins, of course, long before anyone picks up a paintbrush. 

Start by addressing any mould, decaying timber, cracks, or holes in the stucco, among other issues. Fill in any cracks, caulk seams, and fill in any holes or pits with putty. It’s a good idea to sandblast or power wash to start with a smooth surface if you have a lot of bubbling or peeling paint. 

You should also keep an eye on the weather forecast. It’s always preferable to paint on days that are dry and pleasant, with a temperature of 50-90 degrees being optimum. 

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